About us

The whole is more than the sum of its parts

CQK invests in innovative ideas. Not just money, but also our expertise, resources, time and dedication. Our job is to turn great ideas into great success stories. We provide start-up capital for innovative business ideas that we believe in.

CQK is part equity investor, part expert advisor, part intermediary and part project partner. Our role depends on the project and its parameters, but in every case, we bring our total commitment to getting the job done. The multifaceted nature of CQK adds up to higher value for investors and partners.

Consulting Services

We make available to our clients an expert team with the ability to solve a wide spectrum of issues, and who bring new perspectives to existing solutions, in order to determine a project‘s economic strengths and weaknesses. Our recommendations and solutions are only proffered after passing a multifactor optimization.

Aerospace & Aviation

CQK is focusing on this stable and growing field, supporting new projects in the areas of construction, technology and new materials development.

Research & Development

Emphasis is on new projects, technology, supporting academia and research environment.

Equity Investment

We provide start-up capital for innovative business ideas that we believe in.

Business Development

We handle all aspects of developing ideas into a profitable business model, including intermediary services to bring interested investors together with researchers and developers of cutting edge new technologies and ideas.

Expert Consultancy

We provide expert advisory and consultation in key areas of business development, including:

Business development – planning and strategy

  • Intermediation between investors and project developers
  • Research and securing of EU funds
  • Due diligence
  • ICT auditing and optimization
  • Project management
  • Marketing & PR consultancy
  • Risk management